US IoT Services Market

US IoT Services Market is expected to grow from USD XX Billion in 2015 to cross USD XX Billion by 2024, with a CAGR of more than XX% between the forecast period of 2016 and 2024.

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US IoT Services Market is expected to grow from USD XX Billion in 2015 to cross USD XX Billion by 2024, with a CAGR of more than XX% between the forecast period of 2016 and 2024.

The US IoT Services is segmented by type (professional, and managed), vertical (manufacturing, retail, it & telecom, transportation & logistics, utilities, healthcare, energy, others).

US IoT Services Market

Maximize Market Research, a global market research firm with a dedicated team of specialists and data has carried out extensive research about the current US IoT Services Market outlook.

The report encompasses the US IoT Services Market by different segments and region, providing an in-depth analysis of the overall industry ecosystem, useful for taking an informed strategic decision by the key stakeholders in the industry. Importantly, the report delivers forecasts and share of the market, further giving an insight into the market dynamics, and future opportunities that might exist in the US IoT Services Market.

The driving forces, as well as considerable restraints, have been explained in depth. In addition to this, competitive landscape describing the strategic growth of the competitors have been taken into consideration for enhancing market know-how of our clients and at the same time explain US IoT Services Market positioning of competitors. The US formed one of the largest markets for professional services, although firms are expanding in new emerging economies such as India and China.

The US professional services industry includes more than 900,000 establishments (comprising of single-location firms and units of multi-location firms) having a combined annual revenue of about $1.7 trillion. Professional services providers further face a number of challenges, ranging from dependence on corporate spending and trends in the global economy to potential customers choosing the work themselves. Large companies are better-positioned when managing the expenses for the services. Small companies also compete effectively by offering highly specialized services or focusing also on a single geographic region or local market.

They typically also have less overhead allowing them to charge less. The US industry is highly fragmented with more than 50 largest firms accounting for less than 20% of total revenue. The United States is one of the world's most desired location for professional services firms. In today’s highly integrated global environment, businesses find it critical to access the correct talent, institutions, business processes, and client base offered in the United States. Additionally, the educational, as well as the research infrastructure present in the United States, is further an important asset for both the domestic and international professional services firms. In 2015, the U.S. professional services industry comprised of around 896,000 firms, up from 883,000 in 2014.

The industry employed more than 8.8 million Americans in 2015, again up from 8.6 million in 2014. The industry achieved combined annual revenues of more than $1.7 trillion in 2016 monitoring more than 6% rise. The world’s leading professional services companies locate in the United States to serve the large, and dynamic U.S. corporate sector.

The United States features a transparent, stable regulatory environment, having strong intellectual property rights protection and enforcement, together with a reliable judicial system. With a highly skilled workforce and intellectual leadership from the boardroom to the classroom, the United States generates a greater and more stable demand for professional services and managed services than any other country.



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