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If you have downloaded and you are now struggling with how to install it on your Windows PC, then here are some steps through which you can easily install Microsoft Office on your computer.

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Want to uninstall Office for Mac 2011 (that you have downloaded using Office setup from the official website of Microsoft Office) on your own? Here is the stepwise procedure for you:


  1. Remove the MS Office 2011 folder

    1. Open Applications and drag the Office 2011 folder to Trash

  2. Open Preferences from Library and take out all files with commicrosoft extension

    1. Press Option and Go key together

    2. Hit Home and access Library

    3. Now, simply move all files starting with “” to Trash

    4. Open By Host and move all files starting from to Trash

    5. If you want to keep the custom templates you have created then copy them to a new folder

  3. Take Out files from the Library by accessing Computers

    1. Follow the path- Go -> Computer -> Double-click your hard disk icon (default name: Macintosh HD)

    2. Go to Library and access LaunchDaemons

    3. Move to Trash

    4. Open Library from Preferences and then drag to Trash

    5. Hit Restart from Apple menu

  4. Take out Microsoft Folders along with the Office setup 2011 files

    1. Open Go and the Computers

    2. Double-click your hard disk icon with default name Macintosh HD

    3. Go to Library and access Application Support

    4. Take the Microsoft folder to Dump or Trash

    5. Go to Fonts under Library

    6. Take the Microsoft folder to Trash

    7. Now open Receipts from Library and take any file starting from “Office2011_” to Trash

    8. You can delete all these files from Trash by accessing Finder menu and then hitting Empty Trash

    9. Restart from the Apple menu

  5. Go to Desktop and rename the Microsoft User Data Folder

    1. Click Go and then Computer

    2. Double-click your hard disk icon

    3. Open Application Support from Library

    4. Take the Microsoft folder to Trash and then open Fonts back from Library

    5. Take the Microsoft Folder to Trash and open Receipt to drag Microsoft files that started with Office2011_ to Trash

    6. Restart your device

  6. Take out all Office Application Icons

    1. Hold down the Control key and hit Office application icon in the Dock

    2. Repeat this with every application icon

    3. Hit Options and Remove from Dock

  7. It’s done!

Please note the aforementioned steps implies to Office 2011 for Mac. For further information on uninstalling or removing other office versions or to install any Office setup from, call Office customer support number.

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