Those are just the default key bindings for Escape From Tarkov

Those are just the default key bindings for Escape From Tarkov

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As stated above, those are just the default key bindings for Escape From Tarkov's controls and we advocate testing matters out Escape From Tarkov Roubles and seeing what works for you. Like most games, you may reset the number one key for every command and set a secondary enter on top of it. You can even trade the click kind for even greater customization.

Escape From Tarkov is still in improvement, so matters are always being updated and modified. Plus, the network is terrific at locating out new hints and strategies. Feel loose to leave a comment under if we left something critical out or if a piece of statistics is old.

Escape From Tarkov’s new June 29 replace, officially referred to as patch via developer Battlestate Games, is live. The update provides two quests that involve a new enlargement to the Reserve map, along side a handful of trojan horse fixes and technical upgrades.

The new quests are to be had through Prapor after level 10, titled The Bunker - Part 1 and The Bunker - Part 2. Both are set inside the underground bunker under Reserve, which has been accelerated with previously sealed doors now open, imparting new entrances to the bunker and linking up numerous current routes and places. Scav Raiders now spawn in the bunker and a brand new extraction point called D-2 has been added, which requires gamers to LOLGA restore electricity in any other part of the bunker before it can be accessed.