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Every year many viruses come and go but some become a plague-like Coronavirus (Covid-19) and without a doubt, in 21st-century businesses should have technology and means to run as normal and smooth as was common. 

In Delhi NCR, the heart and the capital region of India are many businesses that have invested. Most employees take the metro or bus to work and back home. Being the world's second-most populous urban agglomeration, people in Delhi NCR come in contact with more people at some point than many living in rural areas during a month.

Hopefully, only a handful of people have picked up the Coronavirus thus far but it’s already here in Delhi NCR and it'll spread from behaviors like this.

It’s shortly shot when the government may issue guidelines for businesses including a variety of recommendations including asking in danger employees to remain home, disinfecting workspaces, and to “ensure that you have the solution and infrastructure required to support multiple employees who could also be ready to work from home.”

Our recent experience proves that these three recommendations add times of disaster recovery and business continuity. As any flu or virus spreads, the teams will start missing from sitting at their desks to lying in their beds with fevers, chills and aching limbs. Meanwhile, other peers will start falling sick as well.

VoIP works. Hosted EPABX, cloud pbx can collaborate with teammates anywhere on the world, and also access all of their files and applications on whatever device they need, there was virtually no loss in productivity. What’s more, considering how much productivity can be lost if the coronavirus spread throughout the rest of the corporate, thankfully we've full-hosted telephony solutions now available in India.

If you’re a business owner or executive who has the responsibility to make sure the expansion of your business and the well being of your employees. Remote work/home working not only helps protect your business from Covid-19 outbreak, but it has also been proven to make employees more productive and happier. 

If you have a business with quite 25 employees and are interested in learning how Telecoms Supermarket India can support your business with the disaster recovery solution from Coronavirus please visit us at Telecoms Supermarket India or turn 011-42908899 for a demo.

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