Assorted Ways Magento eCommerce Helps Retailers to Grow

In today’s digitally-driven world, every business aspires to grow over a brick-and-mortar presence to a more powerful and interactive eCommerce store.

Posted 11 months ago in Science and Technology.

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Akashdeep Sharma

Nevertheless, it is substantial to choose the right web design and development platform that can fit every unique and diverse need along with professional support as it grows and evolves.

Most of the business vendors look for effective, inexpensive, and a scalable eCommerce solution. And, Magento does the work for them. It is an open-source and agile eCommerce platform that helps you to thrive in the competitive market. Additively, this powerful eCommerce platform offers them an exclusive range of features like SEO tools, mobile commerce, marketing or promotional tools, etc.

Every year many retailers choose to hire Magento developers over others to build business solutions due to its huge list of benefits and advancements.

Below, I have curated a list of benefits associated with the Magento platform to favor retail business online. Let us start!

→ Open-source and free access

Magento is completely free to use and open source which means you can easily leverage its benefits without even paying any access fee or permission. It turns out to be an appealing reason for the merchants.

→ A versatile approach

Magento is a versatile eCommerce platform if we consider different online business types. At present, there are three editions available for its users inclusive of Community Edition (open-source and Free), Enterprise Edition, Magento Go (paid with Magento server’s hosting).

→ SEO aspects

Every purchase starts with a simple search on search engines such as Google. It is estimated that more than half of the consumers like to consider the top five results of SERPs. Therefore, it becomes imperative to think about SEO.

And, Magento’s advanced SEO-friendly features offer your products/services a great opportunity to rank at the top of all popular search engines available.

→ Themes & Extensions

Magento offers a plethora of free and premium themes that retailers often find useful under your distinctive business needs. Every Magento web development accompanies hundreds of in-built themes that you can choose from as per your preference. The best part of Magento's themes is that developers can enhance or alter the default structure to cater to the need for personalization on the website.

In addition to this, Magento offers access to a wide range of extensions that allows merchants to optimize their shopping carts, payment & security methods, checkout procedures, admin panel, content related customizations, accounting & finance, and so forth. All-in-all one gets access to a massive collection of customized and well-tested Magento extensions plus functionalities.

All things considered, Magento is a powerful web platform with a current network of 300+ highly-trained solution partners, 260,000 existing merchants around the globe. And, it holds a global ecosystem of 150,000 developers who work wholeheartedly to increase the chances of escalating gross margins for the merchants. With a slew of elated features and other offerings, merchants tend to enjoy a good experience.

Some popular brand names like Ford, Coca-cola, etc. are already harnessing its prowess. And, Magento has successfully become the choice for 1 of every 4 online businesses.