Best Udemy Clone Script Provider in 2019

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Posted 1 year ago in Education.

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     The advent of applications has transformed the way people take up educational courses. With the availability of high-speed internet and advanced smartphones, a whole new world of possibilities has been unlocked. Applications make it easy for anybody to make a few swipes and taps to access course material that they are interested in.

      Udemy is a popular app that has several avid learners who access their databases frequently. Offering several courses, the e-learning company is flourishing successfully with a great stream of revenue. Its prosperity is a great motivator for entrepreneurs to enter the niche and establish their own unique E-learning platform to get a slice of the sector’s rapidly increasing revenue.

       If you’re interested in developing a Udemy like app, using a Udemy clone app is the best way to get started. It enables you to deploy your software in the market quickly and gives you full customizability and scalability options. The clone scripts that make up the clone app readily codes for features like

  • Singing in / Signing up

  • Course selection

  • Course reminders

  • In-app purchases

  • Multiple payment modes

  • Course certification and more

         For a robust clone app, contact AppDupe. They are a proficient app development company that excels in building clone apps.