Benefits of Large Format Porcelain Tiles for Wall Tiling

Walls are common surfaces in homes around the world, but they need to be worked to make them look and act special.

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Walls are common surfaces in homes around the world, but they need to be worked to make them look and act special. Tiles have largely replaced wallpapers and paints on the walls and now we have large format tiles that offer smooth finish and seamless look. Wall tiling when you choose need to be done carefully because it is going to be permanent structure which cannot wear down so easily. Earlier walls used to be made up of mortar and cement and were either covered by paint or wallpaper.  The latest trend uses large format tiles made of either ceramic or porcelain.

Benefits of large format tiles for your wall surfaces

  • Installing large format tiles offer many benefits to house owners and the primary among them is the glossy and seamless finish. Walls need to produce a uniform look while projecting colorful patterns or simple plain colored surfaces, and porcelain tiles of bigger size can produce that form and look. Compared to the mortar engineered walls the tiles are highly decorative and can get you any kind of design, style and color according to your choice.

  • The porcelain large format tiling is extra thin but is immensely strong and durable. They can be obtained up to a thickness of 4.8 mm and they are unbelievably hardwearing. They are resistant to moisture, water, stains, and fire and high level temperatures. They also can be used in places where even natural stones or traditional tiling cannot be installed.

  • The large format tiles can take on heavy traffic nonchalantly while they can be adequate partner for under floor heating. The tiles take up less energy and less time to heat up. They energy efficient and eco-friendly and can be great alternative for wood or stone flooring

  • The extra thin large format tiles are easy to install and their lightweight work to great advantage when it comes to heaping load on the wall. They can be used with great effect on floors and ceilings, because they are thin. Cost of installation will be lesser than installing conventional and other thick tile surfaces.

With the extra large porcelain tiles the design possibilities are endless. You can get different design styles and colors for the different area of your home. These tiles are extremely suitable for wet rooms as they are water resistant. Your bathrooms can look extremely modern with the large formatting as it leaves with lesser grout lines.