Why Brahman bhojanam is a sacred thing?

Brahmin bhoj is a special ritual in Varanasi of feeding Brahmins. You can give brahman bhojan after performing death anniversary rituals in Varanasi, abdikam in Varanasi, masikam in Varanasi etc.

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The pandit for rituals in Varanasi is associated with important Vedic rituals. It was believed that Brahmins have taken birth from the mouth of the Lord Brahma. That’s why they are a highly knowledgeable person and know the Vedic texts very well. It is also believed that unless a Brahmin prays to the Gods through their chants, God cannot receive the offerings during the puja in Varanasi. That’s why feeding or donating Brahmins after the rituals in Kashi is considered very fruitful. By acknowledging the specialty of Brahmins, Tirth Kshetra Purohit is providing purohit services in Varanasi. They perform many Varanasi rituals.   

Brahmin bhoj (feast for Brahmin) is a special ritual in Varanasi of feeding Brahmins. It is considered as a highly auspicious thing. Brahmin bhoj is done on many occasions like child’s birth, upanayana (popularly called thread ceremony), shradh in Varanasi, marriage, pitrupaksh, and also after asthi visarjan in Varanasi.   The actual reasons to perform Brahmin bhoj are to take their blessings and get Punya to satisfy the souls of ancestors. 

Varanasi is called “spiritual capital of India”. It is situated near Ganga banks, which is one of the holy seven cities known as Sapta Puri in India. It is believed that death at Varanasi brings Moksha or salvation. Varanasi is also called ‘temple city’ or ‘the city of learning’ and also regarded as ‘the oldest city on Earth’. The city of Kashi is famous for Shiva temple ‘Kahivishwanath’.  

You can give brahman bhojan after performing death anniversary rituals in Varanasi, abdikam in Varanasi, Masikam in Varanasi etc. It is said that after performing homams in Varanasi, Brahman Bhoj is an important ritual. By giving Brahman bhoj, you can attain peace and liberation for you as well as your forefathers. 

In Hinduism, Brahman bhoj is very much important and basically it is performed after Pind Daan in Varanasi for the departed soul to satisfy the desires of the souls of our ancestors and help them to rest in peace. 

Also, this Brahman Bhoj helps to clean all the sins of our ancestors and satisfy their souls. Also, this is performed to get the Punya and get out from the bad karmas of the past as well as present life. It benefits our forefathers (all 14 generations) even whose dates of their death have been forgotten. The ultimate goal is to attain Moksha!

The story behind Brahman Bhoj:

The Kuntiputra Karna was a philanthropist. He never refused to anyone for any kind of help. He donated a lot of wealth to the needy people but never donated food. After leaving earth, when he came to heaven, he realized that there was no food. Then he prayed to the Yamraaj, the god of death, who sent him back to earth for 14 days, which is popularly known as Mahalaya or Pitru Paksha. On these days he fed food to Brahmins and poor people and offered oblations of water. After returning to his place, the heaven, he had plenty of food to eat and from that day it has been anticipated that offering during the pitrupaksha benefits the departed soul, whether they are connected with you or not.  


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