How to develop your Cryptocurrency?

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Posted 2 years ago in Science and Technology.

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Lexi Piper

Digital Gold, digital asset, digital currency and many more buzzwords are used to describe the new phenomenon in the financial industry, Yes, what you thought is right, let’s discuss about cryptocurrency - the digital gold’ and its development. Developing a cryptocurrency involves the following stages:

  • Ideation and White paper creation

  • Pre-ICO Marketing & Dashboard Setup

  • Initial Coin Offering

  • Wallet Setup  

Ideation and white paper creation

Ideation is the preliminary stage, where you brainstorm and ideate on how to increase the value of your coin.  When writing the white paper, make sure to keep the target audience in mind.

Pre-ICO marketing & Dashboard Setup

Pre-ICO is the token sale that the blockchain enterprise runs before the official ICO sale or campaign. After Pre-ICO, a powerful dashboard with explicit data visualization should be implemented


Initial Coin Offering

With the report from Pre-ICO sales, you can go for main ICO, which helps you to determine the price of your coin. ICO is a fundraising platform where advanced SEO and digital marketing strategies are advisable.

Wallet setup

The final stage in cryptocurrency development is the wallet setup. Setting up a wallet helps you to store cryptocurrencies with different options.


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