5 Best Retro Games Player Apps for Android in 2019

We have chosen five best retro gaming apps of 2019 that an array of retro games. So without wasting time, let’s get started.

Posted 11 months ago in Science and Technology.

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Do you miss the old video games? If yes, then this article will tell you the best way to play retro games on your Android device. It is not very practical to buy a new retro game console since you can easily play most of the games on your smartphone. We have chosen five best retro gaming apps of 2019 that an array of retro games. So without wasting time, let’s get started.



It is an open source retro games emulator for Android. The interface also seems of an old retro game console. RetroArch provides fantastic graphics and gaming experience. You need to download cores in order to play games with it. The cores are available in it and can be downloaded in a few taps. – is its modular program that makes the program work. Once the setup is completed, download retro games and load in Retro arch. This retro emulator for Android is entirely free and doesn’t have any ads.


Snes9x EX+

It is compatible with multiplayer gaming and allows you to run games in both portrait and landscape mode. If for any reason, you don’t like the above app, then you can go for this one. It also has many preinstalled games such as Bio Worm and others, so you may not have to download retro games additionally. The interface is not confusing and is pretty straightforward. It can be downloaded directly from the Google Play Store.


If you are unable to use the above mentioned retro players, then this one has a modern interface and easy menu to play the games directly. It has HD gaming and supports retro games saving process with eight manual slots and supports screenshots saving feature. You can even rewind the game when you lose to continue from where you died. It is compatible with many freeware and public domain games.


A.D. is surprisingly fast and works flawlessly with classic games. It supports many other features such as fast forwarding games, cheats, joining leader boards, and saving the progress of the game. You can customize its interface with different themes. You can also connect a USB based gaming controller to your phone to play games in AD emulator.


You can call it all in one classic games emulator since it is compatible with Gameboy Advance, Nintendo 64, Genesis, NES and many more. It doesn’t have preloaded games so you will have to download according to your choice. After downloading the game file, it can be loaded into the emulator’s ROM. It is a highly customizable emulator for Android to enjoy retro and classic games.