Extracurricular Activities that must do when you take Honeymoon tour to Goa

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Goa no doubt is popular for its beautiful beaches and the amazing scenic views, but apart from that there are various other things as well that you can enjoy in your Goa honeymoon tour packages. Goa has many beautiful churches and is very well known for the beautiful architectural designs, also along with the beautiful architectural designs, goa is famous for its food and the adventure sports that you must enjoy with your partner when you take goa packages for honeymoon.

There are various tour companies that promise to provide the best services to you but that does not always happen, that is the reason you just take the Goa holiday packages from the best company, which in White Stork Holidays. They have the best offer for the Goa honeymoon packages and they deliver all the services they promised for. You can rely on them to provide you the best stay and best tour. Now, having discussed the companies and the services that you can take, let us discuss in detail about the places that you can visit, the food you can enjoy and the adventurous sports you can indulge into.

  1. Beautiful Architecture: Goa is a beautiful place and while you are in that place, I suggest you not to waste any time and go on with your partner to discover the beautiful architecture around the place. The churches are full of amazing architecture that will make taking Goa holiday packages worth it and will help you have a great time at the place. Amongst the various beautiful churches, you must visit the Bom Jesus Basilica church that is listed as UNESCO heritage site. When you take your Goa honeymoon tour packages, we at White Stork Holidays make sure that you get to visit all these beautiful churches and the historical structures around here.

  2. Mouth Watering delicious Food: If you and your partner are a fan of the Seafood than what better place to enjoy it then Goa. Goa has some of the best restaurants that offer delicious seafood that you do not forget even after going back from the place. Some of the restaurants here are always full so make sure that you book the table in order to enjoy there. When you take your Goa honeymoon packages, make sure that you try the amazing food that this place offers.

  3. Adventure Sports: Apart from being known for its beaches, Goa is also very famous for the adventure sports that are performed here. When you take your packages for honeymoon at goa, don’t waste even a single minute, you can have so much fun and enjoy adventure sports such as white-water rafting, scuba diving, snorkeling. You can also perform parasailing, banana boat ride, and jet skiing.

These are some of the amazing things that you can do and the places that you can visit when you take Goa tour packages. So, if you are planning on taking Goa honeymoon tour packages, then I would suggest you contact White Stork Holidays for best and affordable offers.