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Do you like to attend trade shows? If yes, what are the things that you think are must to carry at trade shows? In this article, we would be discussing the things that should be taken by the attendees at the trade shows and any international conferences in 2019.

So, let us find out what are those things that make the trade show memorable and happening for us. Ascend Meetings is a company that will organize various international medical healthcare conferences in 2019, nursing conferences in 2019, medical conferences in 2019 etc.


It is good to attend the trade shows. While planning to attend the trade shows or international medical conferences in 2019, ensure that you have multiple signs like posters and banners. This helps in drawing the attention to your booth in a noticeable classy way. Do remember the given points when you are going to attend the international conferences in 2019 and trade shows and other global meetings.

Presentation media

While setting up the display, try to put some engaging presentation media to catch the attention of the people. Slideshow [presentation, presentation consisting of video clips and there are also some demonstrations packed with visual aids to engage the potential customer. If you are attending the nursing conferences in 2019, do take care of all these things.

Promotional items

Trade shows are to promote product and services. The best promotional items would be free stuff like t-shirts, calendars, logo, wristbands etc. If your promotional item is good, it will definitely catch the attention of the people who have come to attend the trade shows. Attend the nursing conferences in 2019 and take all your promotional items.

Business cards

It is very important to carry your business card in bulk so that you can give it to people who like your product and service. Make sure that your business card is having a standard size so that it can be easily kept in a pocket. It is very important to take your business card while attending and international medical conferences in 2019.


Sometimes, how you have displayed the things is more important than what you have displayed. So, get stands for business cards, boxes and jars for promotional items and maintain clear placement parameters for the items on the table. Otherwise, your display booth may turn into an unapproachable pig sty.

Supplier box

Always bring a stationery kit having pen, eraser, pencil etc. at the trade show or any international conferences in 2019. It helps you to make your notes and remember the things easily.

Power strip and the extension card

If you are representing the trade show heavily on technology, do not forget to bring all the proper wiring equipment. Else, it may not be the best presentation. People want to see the things live and practical, that is why do hard preparations.


We can’t concentrate on the event for the whole duration. For some change, bring some necessary snacks and water that can keep your stomach full and your mind calm.

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